Does Your Business Need an Insurance Lawyer?

Insurance Lawyer Beaumont TX

If you’re a small-business owner, you probably already know that business insurance, like home or car insurance, is meant to protect your business investment from costly risks. Business insurance protects your livelihood and reputation against accidents, claims of negligence, defective products, loss or damage to company property, and other types of unforeseeable misfortunes.

But what happens when catastrophe strikes, but your business insurance provider won’t pay? That’s when you need an insurance attorney. Call an insurance lawyer in Beaumont, TX, at Wells, Peyton, Greenberg & Hunt LLP; they work to help business owners get payments they deserve from insurance providers.

When should you hire an insurance attorney to represent you in your negotiations with your insurance provider? If you’ve filed a claim and your provider has been responsive, keeping in touch with you and responding to your inquiries about the event, you probably don’t need a lawyer yet.

But if you’re feeling concerned or frustrated about your provider’s unresponsiveness, or you feel like you’re being given a run-around, then an insurance lawyer may be able to help. If you’re worried that too much time is passing since you filed your claim and your rights are at stake, you may need to contact an insurance attorney to represent you.

If your reasonable business insurance claim is denied, an insurance lawyer can help you help you get the payment you deserve. A lawyer can also intercede on your behalf if your insurance provider delays your claim processing for an unreasonable period of time, or refuses to pay your claim.

Insurance providers are required to investigate claims before refusing them; if your provider refuses your claim without an adequate investigation, an insurance attorney can help. Our attorneys may also be able to step in in the case of a wrongful refusal to settle an insurance claim.

When you have an insurance dispute, you should hire an experienced insurance lawyer. Insurance attorneys have the expertise necessary to represent a policyholder in bad faith litigation against an insurance company. This specialized area of law changes frequently, and you need to be sure you’re working with a lawyer who stays abreast of new developments. Call Wells, Peyton, Greenberg, & Hunt, LLP today.

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