Premises Liability

Every time someone steps onto your property, they are expecting to be safe. Should someone get injured, you could be sued. It is your responsibility to maintain a safe property, however things can happen. When someone is injured on your property and they are pursuing a claim, you should give your lawyer a call right away. It is important to get all the facts of the case as soon as possible.

Fight a claim

Many factors go into a claim when someone is injured on someone else's property. Understanding the law can be difficult, which is why you should have the help of a lawyer when fighting a claim. All facts and details need to be considered during a case of premises liability. Our experienced attorneys know exactly what to look for. Our knowledge of both the law and the local court systems will help your case.

 If you feel like you have a claim, or you're being sued by someone, we can help.

How the court views the visitor:

  • Invitee
  • Trespasser
  • Social guest
  • Licensee